One week of repérage

April 2014

Well it wasn’t easy to turn our back on the property we had in mind, but we had exhausted all options and just couldn’t get the funds, so with a heavy heart, we had to let it go. I’m pretty sure we’re not the first house-buyers to miss out on our ‘ideal’ house and we definitely won’t be the last. Obviously that house was not meant for us, and I am a strong believer that things always have a way of working out for the best. We have started applying for jobs, but over quite a wide-spread area. If only we knew exactly where we’d like to live! We are still not entirely sure and we probably won’t be until we get time to explore. The South-West is immense and I have only one week in June, with my parents and my two young children in tow, in which to visit a number of different areas whilst trying to enjoy a family holiday, all at the same time!  It is intended to be a week of leisurely location scouting, or “repérage” in French. The journey alone will be long and tiresome, not to mention the fact that both my kids get car sick! The plan is to split the week between the departments of Aveyron, Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne, although we might have to venture a little further north into the Lot for a bit of sight-seeing. So much to do and so little time!

Places I’d like to visit in the Midi Pyrenees:


Taken from French Entrée













St Cirq Lapopie

St Cirq Lapopie


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