Aveyron, here we come!

August 2014

compolibat3It’s finally happening! The ‘Compromis de Vente’ has been signed and we are now in the 7-day cooling off stage, our last chance to pull out if we change our mind! Not likely. It is so scary, to think we are buying a house that both Pete and my mum have never even seen. I visited the house back in June with my dad, when we were on holiday in Najac. I never even realised at the time that it was ‘the house to be’. I always thought I would know straight away, get a vibe or something. It is true, I did get a feeling about the place…a good feeling, but I remember at the time, I thought there maybe wasn’t enough land for Pete, and I was holding back, waiting to visit the ‘dream’ property we had had our eye on since January. When that house wasn’t to be after all, it made me start looking at things in a new perspective, and a dramatic price drop was all it took to convince us this was the right move for us.

Within a day, we had made an offer, which was immediately accepted, and so far, everything has been going well. The house is located in a little hamlet in Aveyron, just over 5 minutes away from a little village by the Aveyron river, which proposes an Aire de Loisirs, with pedalos, canoes, bathing, fishing, mini-golf, tennis, petanque and picnic area. The village school takes children from 2 years plus, so we won’t even need to worry about finding a crèche! The mairie is extremely friendly and helpful, and the nearest major town, Villefranche-de-Rouergue is 20 minutes away.

DSCF7172 DSCF7165

The house itself already has 4 bedrooms, with the potential for another two. It is already habitable but it needs a lot of modernisation and redecoration throughout. There is a large concrete chicken house, which we plan to make into an eco-gite at a later date, once the house is in order, and if the funds stretch that far! We still might be able to try out the tyre-house idea, on this particular plot, and we’ve just found out that the sellers are including a small ruin in the sale, so we should have some old stone to play with.


And now, for the land, Pete’s favourite part. With 3300m² of land, it is true that we have slightly less than we would have liked, but when you take it all into consideration, and what possibilities permaculture design presents, we have the chance to make it into the perfect garden for our family’s needs. We may even get the chance to buy more land as time goes on, but we shouldn’t get too carried away for the moment! We already have our work cut out for at least the next ten years, so we will take it one step at a time.



2 thoughts on “Aveyron, here we come!

  1. Interesting, we live about 8km from Najac on the VDR side.
    I picked up on your article in Permaculture magazine latest edition. We have been here three years after a journey that started in 1991 when we bought our first house.
    We have just finished building a natural swimming pond, and we are trying to be self sufficient gardeners, a good job we like courgettes and beans at the moment.
    Perhaps we might meet you some time.
    Pete & Celia

    • Hello Pete and Celia,
      Thank you for your message. It’s always nice to hear from like-minded people. We may have already crossed paths without knowing it if you go to Villefranche’s weekly market from time to time! Likewise, we are having a very successful year for courgettes, plums and butternut squashes. Luckily, our neighbour supplies us with beans, for which we have been hopeless up to now. We are still on a huge learning curve and have an awful lot still to learn. I would definitely be interested in seeing your natural pond and garden in the future. It’s a busy time for us at the moment with lots of family coming over, but maybe we could arrange a meeting in the autumn some time and exchange ideas. For future contact, feel free to use my contact page, the message goes directly to my personal inbox.
      Keep up the good work,

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